ParaPod Halloween Unspecial Special: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and videos

Hi all!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has downloaded The ParaPod Unspecial Halloween Special and thanks also for all the nice comments, you are all wonderful!

Lets get stuck right in to the episode. As you know, I’ve had something of a issue with Derren Brown in the past which I’m happy to lay to rest after finally meeting him. Truly a gentleman.

He still owes me a quid though:

We also briefly mentioned that I had met Kade Hodder (Jasoon Vorhees of Friday 13th fame)and had a picture taken and got something of a shock when he lifted my up off the floor by my neck. Here is that photo. So now you now where the picture for the header for series 3 comes from 🙂


Pontefract next, here is the little girl sat on the stairs inside 30 East Drive:

PIC BY BIL BUNGAY/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: THE FACE OF THE BLACK MONK IN THE MIRROR OF THE HOUSE ON EAST DRIVE IN PONTEFRACT, WEST YORKSHIRE WHICH IS SAID TO BE HOME TO THE MOST VIOLENT POLTERGEIST HAUNTING IN EUROPE) A ghost hunter has revealed a terrifying picture captured in house of the most violent poltergeist haunting in Europe that appears to show the ghostly shape of the infamous Black Monk peering out of it. Pete Boulton and pal Rob Hughes run Ghostnspectors Paranormal Group and visited 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorks, in June to investigate. The house was the site of one of Britains most notorious alleged hauntings when the Pritchard family were subjected to years of torment by the so-called Black Monk of Pontefract'. Dad-of-one Pete's picture of the upstairs bedroom shows a mirror with a face staring out of it, with either black hair around it or a black hooded robe - though there was no one upstairs with him at the time. SEE MERCURY COPY

Also, the picture my mate Rich sent me outside the haunted house in Enfield:


Bigfoot spotted in Wales HERE

And in Lincoln HERE

Chinese bloke nicks a ghost HERE

Wanking monkey can be seen HERE

And HERE is the news story about the ghost that put a dog on a hedge

Now then, Denver airport. Does this look like a swastika to you?


And here is Ian’s example or why something might be going on at St. James Park in Newcastle:


You can read more HERE and also see some more of the evidence.

And that is it! See you all for series 3 in January, thank you again for all your support and nice messages.




PS: That magic eye picture. If you were lucky enough not to see it on my/Ian/Parapods Twitter, consider yourself your lucky. No-one really wants to see that again 🙂


  1. Please please look into the port author masacer in tasmania australia that one is proper good and i reckon barry would be right into that one

  2. Good to have you back.
    As you asked, there are a lot of scrote cows around. When they are teenagers they mob you, they are dangerous if you have a dog, when you call them in for milking there are always 1 or 2 that saunter over to the opposite end of the field (no matter what you do with your stick), they are unashamedly flatulent; and you certainly don’t want to stand behind them in the springtime when the grass is fresh and green.
    I wear my ‘Barry is Right’ badge with pride, even though you are normally not, but though it provokes discussion about the podcast it also causes confusion. I’ll send you some money in a bit, but in the meantime could you consider a ‘I am not Barry’ badge?
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi! I just listened to this this podcast and I know the family from Rutherglen and it’s their son that does all the stuff. He’s been throwing that dug on top of wardrobes and cabinets for years

  4. Where is the picture of Barry’s balls?

  5. It was on Twitter for a while but it’s probably for the best for everyone that it’s gone now.

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