ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 9: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and video

Hello again, cheers for having a look at these ramblings.

Hope you enjoyed the coach ride/bullying special.

So, seat belts on, here we go…

Flouride. Don’t drink water out the taps.

If you would like to have a look out the window, you will see a helluva lot of coffins…

You might want to have a browse through this local paper to kill some time as we drive onward…

Or THIS even…


I’ve got nothing on climate change.

Look at these pricks though. Cant even spell long vehicle properly.

Have a look HERE for some stuff about Shakespeare. Really not my sort of thing.

Best. Racehorse. Ever.

Didn’t really get to talk much about the whole Finland conspiracy due largely to my fuck up when reading things exactly as they are written down on my sheets, exactly as they are (I was abbreviating as had ran out of space on my paper, genuine error on my part, slip of the tongue, genuine apologies. I know how Ron Burgundy feels) so have a look HERE if you want to find out some of the theories. Pretty crazy but interesting.

Well, that’s that one done. Episode 9 is always a messy one, hope you entered into the fun of it all.

Thanks once again for the support you have shown us and for the very kind donations to fund the film we want to make, it’s you that makes it possible and that’s what makes you special.

Have a nice week, see you at the finishing post next episode!