ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 8: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and video

Hi. How the devil are you?

Cheers for popping in to have a look here, I hope you enjoyed the new episode!

Not really a huge amount that I can write here to add to the show but I’ll give it a go!

You may remember I spoke about the exploding pint glass in Liverpool. HERE is the full story. Pretty odd eh?

JFK. As Ian pointed out on the episode, to go into this fully would take days and I’m sure you are more than capable of finding one or two thousand documentaries on YouTube about this. However, here is a picture of the man with the umbrella, a theory which for some reason grabbed more than the others. Why the umbrella open such a hot day? Weird.

Oh, here’s the tramps as well.

Only one of them has made the effort.

Kurt Cobain. Now the less I say on this the better. For obvious reasons. But have a watch of this (short) documentary…

So that’s it for episode 8! I want to also thank everyone who has donated £10 towards The Parapod Movie fund, it’s beyond kind of you, without your support, it simply wouldn’t happen. Thank you for being wonderful.

See you next episode!