ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 5: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and videos


Sorry for the delay in getting this up, I’ve been decorating. I’m sure there is a conspiracy out there about the makers of wood chip wallpaper being in league with the people who make plasters, I’m covered in blisters. Anyway, the show.

The thing about people being identified with school photos of their teeth can be viewed here if you have the time and inclination:

They had me stitched right up as a kid

This isn’t the school photo I talked about on the episode by the way, that one, having looked at it again, is terrifying. Creepiest sibling school photo I have ever seen.

As for the conspiracy, it’s certainly the most “out there” one that I have looked into. One of the documentaries that I enjoyed watching about it was this one, not a huge amount on it about Dulce but it does all tie in.

Something that was of interest but we didn’t really go into very much on the show was THIS from the wife of Phillip Schneider…

And here is a drawing of the base:


Thanks for listening everyone, hope you have a good week!



  1. I was completely unconvinced about the Dulce Base conspiracy until I listened to Jesse “The Body” Ventura discuss it, and saw the child’s drawing of Black Mesa from Half-Life. Frankly, the validity of this conspiracy is now unquestionable. Just like Barry’s logic.

    Keep up the good work chaps, but please remember to try and not upset Rose West again.

  2. Took me a week to get the Wood Chip wallpaper of my hallway walls, perhaps I shouldn’t have used my teeth. Are you using a steamer? Or is that a dumb question?
    Anyway, enough DIY, As you pointed out there are many DUMBS around the world.
    But have you seen the reports about the recent activity taking place in the Antarctic? Something has been found out there and our Yankee friends are keeping incredibly schtum about it….(cue the xfiles music (original ost, not the dodgy dance mix)
    Anyway, keep up the sterling work (both of you) and please don’t let this be the last season of the Parapod!

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