ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 4: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and videos

Hi all!

Hope you enjoyed the latest episode.

Lets start straight away with the moon sounding like a bell, have a read HERE for the evidence.

Also, I would like to thank everyone (and trust me, it feels like everyone) who let me know that you cannot hear sound in space. This does not however mean that there is no sound in space. Just not a like a big gong like I imagined sadly.

Chemtrails. Well, you all know that I have very little to back this up. Apart from this:

Oh. And him.

That is the only work safe picture I can post. Have a look for yourself.

On a final note, I can promise you that NOTHING on the podcast has made me cringe as much as that clip from Nightowls. Nothing.

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  1. Well don’t I feel like a fool! All the time I’ve wasted shaving my legs etc when all I needed to do was lie in the garden and wait for a plane to go over! Love the Parapod. Keep up the good works both of you 🙂

  2. Dear Barry,

    Long time listener, first time writer. I’m not going to bother reminding you about the lack of sound in space, since so many have commented on it. Just will explain why in the simplest of terms:

    Sound is composed of waves that are transmitted from the source through vibrating particles. Since in the void of space there’s well… void, no particles can carry the vibrations from a source and hence the sound waves do not spread.

    On the article you linked for the moon ringing like a bell, that is quite cool, but your original point was that the moon was hollow, where in that article they clearly state that the reason for the ongoing vibrations is the lack of water particles to dampen them.

    May I suggest you let Ian pick the conspiracies here on forwards? I feel like you’re letting your mind get caught in the first nonsense you come across the internet and you’re really letting juicy ones escape.

    Some samples of nice juicy ones:

    – AIDS was created in a laboratory
    – Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen by the US government so they could intervene in WWII
    – BREXIT is driven by Spanish and French spies to avenge the loss of maritime supremacy in the Battle of Trafalgar (Since after BREXIT, Scotland will leave the UK, North Ireland too and England will not want to stay alone with Wales, so effectively the United Kingdom will have finally been brought down from within). Trump is part of the plan too since having an isolationist in the US will leave you without allies while you’re turning your back to EU.
    – The flu vaccine is a mind control device

    These are just samples of some nice theories that could potentially have more relevance to mankind that artists being dead or artists being alive.

    P.S.: All the conspiracies ideas I threw at you are absolute bonkers and false except maybe the WWII one.

    P.S.S.: Please don’t read this if you don’t want your mind to implode and go ballistic over a very scary fact. This is totally true by the way.

    As you know, the dinosaurs became extinct around 66 million years ago during what is known as the K-Pg mass extinction event. But did you know that is only one of the five major extinction events that occurred in the Earth on the last 550 million years and that it was not the worse one by a long shot?

    The Earth has had 5 Massive Extinction Events during the last 550 million years:

    So MEEs are a constant in our planet, and the doubt is not if, but when, the next MEE will occur. Or is it already happening? Mankind has wiped out a considerable % of species from the face of Earth on the last centuries.

    Are we the 6th Mass Extinction Event or will we be victims of it? Someone needs to look into it and propose solutions to the World. Will it be you?

    Good luck,

    Chevalier des Grieux

  3. Hi Guys

    Just a question for Barry.

    If the moon landings are fake and filmed in a studio in Burbank or Area 51, how did the astronauts fire the rockets after lifting off of the surface of the moon and “hear” the bongs? If they everyone was in a studio in Burbank or Area 51 and no one ever went to the moon, that must have been some bong!

    Keep up the good work and cheers!

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