ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 3: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and videos

Hello once again!

Hope you have enjoyed episode 3, thanks for coming by to have a look at my ramblings.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Mr Pipes is from Ghostwatch, here he is:

And how he appeared in Ghostwatch. Probably the most scared I have ever been when watching that programme.

You can read about the Nyak “ghostbusters” ruling HERE.

Next, the video of the strange things going on around the little girl. Got sent this loads on Twitter and email so you have probably seen it but if you haven’t, here it is:

If you are interested in Maria Carey and her (supposed) death then have a watch here. I’m not having it though.

Now, Paul. Here’s the evidence that is out there.


Weird ears:

Now, the songs. Revolution 9, backwards…

Strawberry Fields…

Anyway, it’s all bollocks.

Oh, here’s Jacksons ghost:

You can read more on Micheal Winner haunting Robbie Williams HERE

Photobombing ghost!

That’s it for this week. Thanks again for you support, see you next week!



  1. Bloody hell Barry!! The Michael Jackson video gave me a heart attack! Everyone in the office had a right good chuckle at me leaping 12 feet into the air….

  2. Regardless of Ringo’s confession in the Hollywood Inquirer last year this is all bollocks.
    The funny ear is easily explained. A ghost bit it. Everyone knows that all theatres are badly haunted. He did his funny wiggle and impish grin once too often and the ghost thought ‘I’ve had enough of this’… MUNCH. That’s why the Beatles stopped touring.

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