ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 2: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and videos

Hello hello hello, hope you are all fine and dandy,

Thanks for popping by again, hope you enjoyed episode 2 of The Parapod: Conspiracies, let get stuck in straight away.

There have bee a few people asking what the app is that lets you get messages from the dead. It’s called Spirit Story Box, you can see it HERE

This was 70p but it’s gone up to 99p recently. Not sure why but I wouldn’t bother, not convinced about it any more. If you do use it though, let me know how you get on, send your history screen grabs to me on Twitter @Barry_Dodds and @theparapod

I’d like to apologise to everyone for that horrific bit of acting where I was being Woodrow Wilson. If that did make you want to know more about him (Christ knows how) then have a look HERE

Lets look at the dollar bill now. Here is the “eye”

And now the owl.

Very odd.

Here’s the Disney evidence I showed Ian:

As it turns out by the way, I got there name of the woman who escaped the Illuminati wrong. Here name is Julianne Smith-Devereaux. You can read an interview with her HERE

I refuse to put up a picture of Beiber but here is something well worth a watch about Prince and his strange death…

Thank you again for your support, hope you have a great week

Barry x


  1. If anyone is actually interested in Woodrow Wilson, the book that Barry took his quote from is in public domain:

    (spoiler alert: he’s talking about monopolies suppressing small businesses)

  2. Hi guys,

    Loving the Podcast! This week’s episode practically reduced me to a quivering wreck, I had to stop listening and pull myself together when Barry was trying to join the Illuminati.

    I think the Illuminati / NWO / Bilderberg group / Shadow Government / whatever, in all likelihood started around around 1815 with the battle of Waterloo.
    The Rothchild family at the time were already incredibly wealthy bankers, but their own network of agents got the news of Napoleon’s defeat a full day before the British Government.
    It’s been said, that they immediately started spreading word that Napoleon had in fact won – causing the Pound to plummet against the Franc.
    They then bought up all the cheap pounds on the currency exchange and waited for the real news of victory to hit.
    Subsequently the Pound’s value went through the roof – but the Rothchild’s effectively controlled the now very expensive currency – and therefore effectively controlled the British Empire.

    From 1815 – 1914, it’s been recorded that Britain’s foreign policy became noticeably more aggressive from this point – the iconic image of the “Redcoats” slaughtering indigenous people across Africa and Asian become commonplace.

    Incidentally, I’ve just fact-checked this on Wikipedia – the Rothchild entry says the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I’ve said above…. which is odd, as using the “way back machine” I can see that in 2012, Wikipedia clearly stated my version of events – it even references the same book in both cases!!

    Anyway, these shadowing bankers and media moguls like Rothchild / Rockefeller / George Soros are the real rulers.

    I get the point about “if they’re in charge, why don’t they just do what they want and stop playing games”
    I can only imagine that it all plays out a bit like the “Civilisation” video games, where “public opinion” is measured like gold / food or whatever – they do something and measure the reaction to public opinion – if it drops too low, they lose the game… not sure if it’s all that relevant these days though.
    I also imagine there’s different factions vying for control and constantly trying to undermine each other… but we’ll never know!

    By the way, the Illuminati card game from Steve Jackson games in 1993 has some quite amazing predictions / coincidences in it’s artwork.

    Come on Barry! Let’s see you do more research and give Ian a real run for his money!!


  3. Hmm, I was wondering what you were talking about when you talking about the owl. When I was a kid, the “owl” on the dollar was called “a ghost”. Suffice to say, I think its indistinct enough that it could be called several things

    I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I was super impressed Barry’s first page of research. Researched enough so that Barry had something interesting to say, but not so much that it wasn’t funny to hear Ian take it apart.

    Great job, Barry #TeamDodds

  4. Barry Dodds is a secret Illluminati Agent
    Look at the simple code in his name.

    Do a simple Letter to Number Cipher on his name, where A=1, B=2, and so on.

    Barry corresponds to 2-1-18-18-25, add those together: 64
    Dodds corresponds to 4-15-4-4-19, add those together: 46

    Now place those two numbers together: 6446

    Notice the two fours: 6(44)6
    Two fours. Another layer of the code.
    Two Fours: 2-4, add it together: 6

    Barry Dodds: 6(6)6

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