ParaPod Conspiracies Episode 1: Barry’s thoughts plus evidence and videos


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Before I get stuck into the conspiracy, just to let you know that my application to become ordained is going through the motions and I should have all my certificates etc by the end of the series. Stay tuned and start getting down on one knee.

Ok, the moon landings. I’ll stick up some photo’s so that you can see what I was on about, so you can see the things that I saw. However, I’m not sure there is all that much point in me sticking up too many links to places where you can go and read about the fakery. Put the words “Moon landings” into Google and look at what the first suggestion is…there is tons out there is what I’m saying.

Lets have a look at a couple of pictures instead. Here is the rock with the letter “C” on it.

Letter or pube. You decide.

Now, some of the photo’s taken, the landscapes match. NASA say these photos were taken miles apart. So why the incredible similarity? One seems to show the lander and the other doesn’t. How is that possible? Have a look…

The website that I have taken this from can be read HERE. It’s brilliant and where I got a lot of research, not all of it I had chance to use though. Its great reading.

The Kubrick connection is interesting and there is a lot of stuff that apparently can be read about it. Check out this documentary on the theories behind The Shining.

Odd isn’t it?

Whether it happened or not I find the whole thing fascinating and the evidence it didn’t happen is compelling.

Oh, here is a knobhead twatting a man:

I have to say though, he was a lovely when I met him.

Sells porridge now. Weird how things turn out.

By the way, yes, I know now.


Before I go, here’s a pic of the time traveller.

Thanks for listening, have a nice week!



  1. Barry, that “time traveler” photo has long since been debunked.

    I also don’t understand why people are willing to believe that the United States Government has put in the time and effort to perpetuate the “moon landing hoax,” but yet couldn’t be asked to build a second moon landing set or to retake a picture of some rocks.

  2. Barry, have you ever read/heard about John Titor? For my money, one of the coolest “time traveller” mysteries out there and one of the best candidates for a REAL time traveller. Definitely worth a look:

  3. The moon does not spin. All the moon landings landed on the light side of the moon, therefore it is always daytime (unless a lunar eclipse is taking place, which was not the case). To get a lunar night or darkness you have to land on the dark side of the moon, or be there during a lunar eclipse, this has never been done so far.

    • The moon does spin. It takes as long to spin as it does to orbit the earth (roughly 28 days) as it is tidally locked to the earth. This means the same side of the moon always faces the earth. There is no ‘dark side’ of the moon because the whole moon goes through an entire day/night cycle each orbit/rotation.

  4. Barry did you do any research into all the evidence that the moon landings weren’t faked, do you know about the lunar laser ranging experiment I really don’t see how the moon landings could be fake.

  5. Get him Buzz! Excellent video clip. This just shows he is of a pure and noble breed, eminently suited to exploring the cosmos.

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