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Hello The Parapod Extra 8 is out now and available for free RIGHT HERE. So, it’s very different to what you might have grown accustomed to, which is going to be either disappointing or refreshing for you, depending what sort of person you are.  Both myself and Barry had a listen to it and felt… Read Article →

Hi there Don’t know what happened there, somewhere along the line I didn’t post here for either of these episodes.  Ironically Episode 8 has had the most downloads of any episode in the first 24 hours so maybe I should not post in the future too… Anyway – HERE THEY ARE In the Extra show… Read Article →

Hello Despite nobody even noticing it hadn’t come out, The Parapod Extra 6 is out for you ungrateful bunch RIGHT HERE. See you back here on Wednesday for the aftermath of the #TeamPeacock landslide victory. Bye RP x

Hey there Just as the title says the fifth Parapod Extra is live on iTunes now and you can subscribe for free and get it RIGHT HERE… For all the gullibility I defy you not to be moved by this little episode. It’s all right for you though, I’m essentially his carer by default… Have… Read Article →

Hello there Once agin, due to other commitments and not being anywhere near a computer tomorrow, The Parapod Extra is out a day early for you and it’s RIGHT HERE. It threatens to be the shortest one eve due to Barry arriving in the wrong and admitting his equipment is useless in the second minute,… Read Article →

Hello there friends The Parapod Extra 3 is up now.  I am aware it is a whole day early which means you don’t have to wait as long but also means you have to wait longer for the next one – isn’t that life all over?  We give with one hand and take with the… Read Article →

Hello again The Parapod Extra for this week should be appearing in your iTunes imminently RIGHT HERE, a treat of seven and a half minutes for free for you with Barry getting some of his equipment out and making me look at it. Here’s a picture of Barry looking at his own equipment for this… Read Article →

We are aware of how frustrating it can be to wait a whole week before you get a new episode of your favourite podcast, so have decided to do mini-episodes where we learn about Barry’s ghost hunting equipment (useless junk) in the middle of the wait to keep you topped up. The first one is… Read Article →

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