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Hi everyone, Huge apologies but due to a a whole load of technical issues there will be no podcast week, Ray worked into the the early hours to try and make it happen but sadly it was not possible. Thanks again for your support and apologies again Barry

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you again to everyone who has donated to help us keep The ParaPod going. Every single contribution is hugely appreciated. Anyone who donated £15 or over will be contacted this weekend so we can get your addresses to send out some of the small incentives we’ve put… Read Article →

Hi there! Hope you enjoyed episode 9, this one was a fun one for me. The village of Pluckley is somewhere that I have yet to visit so I can’t give you a huge amount of personal input about the place. There is a lot out there that can be read and watched though, this… Read Article →

Oh hey kids First up – Episode 9 – the penultimate episode – has just been released.  We are releasing Episode 10 on Saturday as it is Halloween so please set a reminder for that… CLICK HERE FOR ALL EPISODES. The donate link is at the bottom of this post, but please take a moment to… Read Article →

Hi everyone, Hope you enjoyed episode 3 of the podcast. It’s hard to know what to say about it here really as it’s mostly covered in the show. I know this episode has been darker in tone than previous ones but the subject matter of ghosts is always going to involve death at some point…. Read Article →

Hiya, Quick message about my thoughts the Parapod Extra 1. The device is a P-SB7 Sweep radio or “ghost box” with a Faraday pouch that blocks out external signals from radio stations, phone signals etc. Have had good results with this in a few locations with clear responses. You can pick one of these up… Read Article →

Hiya! So, the first episode is now out on iTunes, hope you enjoy it. As Ray has said, we are aiming to launch this every Wednesday with a different focussed haunting, your ghost stories (The PD Files) and a play at home feature “Rituals” (which you aren’t really meant to play unless you fancy bringing… Read Article →

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